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Date: 23rd June 2016
Concrete Spraying Pump
Introduction of Concrete Spraying Pump 1. MPS55 is a new machine widely applied in plastering and almost all the construction projects for material such as traditional mortar mixed on site,Website:http://www.dowinmachinery.com, normal?mortar, insulation mortar etc.2. It could mix pump and spray mortar with diameter 6-10mm with different pump cores. The pump cores include L1 pump core and L2 pump core. L1 pump core is for mortar with diameter less than 6mm and the capacity could be20-40l/min for different material and ratios. L2 pump core is for mortar with diameter 6-10mm and the capacity could be 24-48l/min for different materials and ratios.3.This machine could save much time, manpower and improve efficiency. It has advantages of easy operation, high reliability even spraying mortar and not easy to fall down. L1 and L2 pump cores are small and light enough to be moved easily for working convenience on site. Besides, the simple structure makes cleaning jobs fast and easy and does not require any special working condition. So it is your best choice for mixing, conveying and spraying all kinds of mortar in construction projects. Technical Data of Concrete Spraying PumpModelMPS55-1MPS55-2Pumping motor4.4/5.5kw-380v4.4/5.5+2.2kw-380vPump coreL1(L2)Allowed max.Aggregate diameter6mm(10mmL2)Material theoretical output20-24l/min(24-48l/min-L2)Conveying pressure25-40Bar(15-30 bar-L2)Feeding height56cm125cmMixer capacityWithout mixer120LDimension230(215-L2)*80*65cm230(215-L2)*80*130cmWeight245kg(265kg-L2)380kg(410kg-L2)
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